“So, how did you know he was the one?” It’s the question that gets asked at every party, family get-together, and late night chat with your bestie. It’s the question that makes you grin from ear to ear and respond, “…how much time do you have?”

We understand the feeling you get when you want to shout from the rooftop, dance like no one is watching, and talk for hours about all the reasons you fell in love. You don’t want the world to forget just how much your soulmate means to you. 

We also understand that sometimes it is not the world that needs reminding. When life get’s steep, you too will want to remember these days. You will want to remember not just when you said, “I do.” but why you said it. 

The Keever Film experience is designed to capture the heart behind your wedding day. That’s why we will tailor make your wedding film, just the way you want it. Every life is unique and every story is lived by unique people. We want our films to be the same.

Our films are entirely customizable so that your day includes everything you want and nothing you don’t. We want every couple to have the opportunity to tell their story. Don’t leave a story untold. 


Elopements and Intimate Weddings

“When you grow up, will you marry me?” These are the words my dad said to my mom one summer evening in 1967. Three years later, they eloped at the court house. My mom was 18. 50 years and 7 children later, my parents have still not grown up. 

For all those eloping. For all those having an intimate wedding. Your story is worth celebrating! We love capturing stories – how you fell in love – the things you love most about each other.

Our elopement and intimate wedding experience is designed to capture the most important parts of your day. They’re one part beautiful footage – think wedding-style portraits – and one part storytelling. Together, they capture more than a day. They capture the story of you.

Sean & Stephanie

Pittsburg, PA